From Emergencies to Upgrades - The Equipment You Need, Right Away

With a growing population and aging infrastructure, American utilities need more third-party support than ever before. Whether they need a backup to handle the extra load during a mandated equipment upgrade or peak times, or a natural disaster has taken them offline, your utility clients come to you with big equipment needs, and face big consequences if they fail. That’s where we come in. Our vast inventory of temporary power equipment — from transformers to cable to switchgear — is at your disposal, ready to supplement your own equipment while you work to keep the power grid online. We also offer contingency planning services so that you and your clients are ready to handle the heightened load during peak times like wildfire season or the hottest summer months: the equipment you need, tagged and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Supporting Your Clients in Keeping the Lights On

The longer a utility is down, the longer their customers go without power. Not only does this impact those customers whose lights are out, it impacts your client’s bottom line; the fewer the customer minutes, the smaller the revenue, and the greater the chance your client will face fines. Our 24/7/365 emergency response ensures that whatever the reasons — hurricanes, earthquakes, snow storms or scheduled infrastructure upgrades — you can rely on our inventory, which meets or exceeds UL and NEC standards, and our expertise, developed over countless projects, to meet the very important needs of your utility clients.


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