Equipment That’s Built Tough

Remote locations, caustic environments and extreme weather are characteristic of many oil and gas projects, and safe and reliable power equipment is a top priority. That’s why our equipment is built to withstand the harshest elements in North America, and subjected to a rigorous QA/QC process, to ensure it exceeds the most stringent safety standards. It’s also mobile, allowing it to be moved to suit the evolving needs of a project in progress. Created with the oil and gas industry in mind, our equipment is designed to tackle the situations the industry faces every day. From land rigs to man camps to offshore drilling projects, no job site is too challenging. Our large transformer fleet, that ranges from 45kVA to 3125kVA services the varied step up and step down utilization voltage needs, and our extensive distribution equipment inventory ensures power is carried to all loads safely and reliably. We partner with you to provide the power your clients can’t get from a grid -- because when your client’s rig is 200 miles offshore, or down a dirt road, we are the grid.

A Partnership That Suits Your Needs

You already provide excellent service for your clients — let us do the same for you. Our approach is flexible and collaborative, ensuring that from project scope to client communication, you are able to determine the extent and the visibility of our involvement. We can speak with your client directly, perform site visits, liaise with the utility when it’s time to transition, and play a key role in developing temporary power solutions. Or we can operate in the background, offering 24/7 availability and rapid response to support you in supporting your client. Whatever your requirements, the site layouts and single line diagrams that we provide keep you in charge, and your client informed. Our solutions are as flexible as our approach. When the exploration phase ends, and the drilling begins, your client’s equipment needs can increase drastically. The Trinity Power Rentals team will work with you to scale equipment rentals according to your client’s timeline, so that they don’t pay for equipment they aren’t using. Our equipment, our team and our expertise — Trinity Power is at your service.


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