Round-the-Clock Emergency Response

Hurricanes in Florida, wildfires in California, snowstorms in the midwest, and the ever-looming threat of earthquakes on the west coast: natural disasters can strike anywhere, and in almost any form. And nobody is exempted. Industrial sectors like petrochemical and manufacturing, as well as commercial and residential properties all face heavy losses when natural disasters strike, not to mention the human toll, which can be devastating. That’s why we keep our phone lines open 24/7, every day of the year. Our disaster response, refined and streamlined over many years of experience, is fast and thorough; whether you need a small power 100A panel or a 7000kVA transformer, we will do whatever it takes to locate that equipment and have it delivered in the shortest time frame possible. We know how important it is in the wake of a disaster to restore power to businesses and residents. Returning a plant to operation means the local economy can begin to recover. Restoring power to an area allows individuals to fuel their cars, light or heat their homes, and regain a sense of normalcy. That’s why, when disaster strikes, you can find our team taking phone calls, and prepping and shipping equipment, at any time of the day or night, every day of the week.

Flexible and Thorough Contingency Planning

The best way to weather a storm is to prepare for it in advance. Our contingency planning services allow your clients to plan for a season’s storms by preparing and reserving backup equipment in advance. Do you have generators in your yard on reserve for a utility client in case of a snow storm? We can set aside the corresponding transformer and distribution equipment, prepped, inspected and ready to ship when your client calls. And because it’s impossible to predict exactly what impact a natural disaster will have on a site, we only ship what your client needs, whether it’s all of the equipment we have on reserve or only a portion of it.


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