The Distribution Equipment You Need

Generators are your specialty. Distribution equipment is ours. From new refineries to plant upgrades, we have the quantity and variety of equipment, and the expertise, to design, install and manage every aspect of a construction project’s temporary power, including site support and permitting. Whether the construction site is remote and relying on generator power, or has a utility connection but requires distribution equipment to ensure power reaches the required loads, we have the equipment your client needs to power their HVAC system, lighting and tools, floor by floor, until the project is complete. We invest heavily in ensuring that our inventory is both expansive and rigorously maintained. It is also highly adaptable, and our team of temporary power specialists will work closely with you to build the right solution -- one that works with the equipment you already have on site and with your client’s precise requirements.

The Timeline Your Client Wants

Industrial construction is a dynamic industry. A project’s temporary power needs can change drastically as it moves through different stages. If one phase of a project falls behind, it can have a domino effect on the rest of the project, leading to delays and possible fines. Adding to this time pressure is the fact that key pieces of permanent equipment, such as a substation or switchgear can take weeks or months to be delivered. Whether your client has workers who need to power their welders and grinders in order to do their jobs, or is waiting for permanent power equipment to be delivered, we work with you to design the temporary solutions they need to keep their construction schedule on track.


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