At Trinity Power Rentals we believe that delivering the right temporary power solution begins with people. Our team consists of industry experts with years of hands-on industrial and commercial electrical experience who value performance, passion and knowledge. It is from this foundation that we set industry standards in the way we choose our equipment, design our projects and provide our customers with a High Touch, High Care experience.


Our Legacy

A multi-generational family business, Trinity Power Rentals was designed to be a concept-to-completion solutions provider. Our founding partners understood that when you’re delivering multi megawatt temporary power solutions, you’ve got to get it right; projects, and lives, are on the line.

In 2011 we set a course for North American expansion while carrying on our mission of offering customer-centric service with thoughtfulness and integrity. The team as a whole understands that the key to delivering excellence in every aspect of the business lies in the strength of our expertise and dedication.

Expansion East and South

Our early projects supporting Vancouver's film industry taught us all we needed to know about complex projects with tight deadlines, providing turn-key solutions, and supporting people working under intense pressure.

In 2003, we expanded our product and service offering. Now, in addition to film and event projects, we are fully immersed in providing innovative, field-tested solutions for the oil & gas, mining and construction industries.

With increasing demand for our expertise and equipment we opened additional branches to better serve our growing portfolio of North American customers. In 2008, we opened a branch in Alberta, Canada; in 2017 a branch in Ontario, Canada; and in 2018, in order to better serve the needs of our valued generator rental company partners, we crossed the border and established our first U.S. branch in Texas. Our most recent expansion in America took place in 2021 with the opening of a branch in South Carolina.


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